Fresh thinking that solves real problems

We connect people from all sectors who are in a period of transition, whatever that means for them. It could be starting in a new role, taking on a new team, beginning a new change programme or looking for opportunities to innovate.

A close-knit, confidential community of ambitious individuals

Our hand-picked selection of curious leaders and future leaders, support each other through that transition. Our team will connect you to potential collaborators with good stories to tell – we keep numbers small so everyone ‘gets a game’ and sees real value.

Get where you want faster in an invigorating, politics-free environment

Our ambition is for all of our members to get where they want to get to faster with the power of our community behind them. We provide the space to try out new ideas and push them forward by facilitating candid, secure conversations amongst our diverse group – that’s why we call ourselves a Speakeasy Community.

What is it?

We are a constant work-in-progress – just like you

Like you, we are constantly evolving, with big ideas about what we want to achieve. Everything we do is for and with our members so if you join, you help us shape activity that works for you and your fellow members.

What is it?

Do you want a new perspective on leadership?

A straight-talking technology community that helps you get to better faster. Everything we do is for and with our members. If you’d like to get involved, join us today.

Non-members can still sign up to our newsletter. If you’re not quite ready to join but want to understand more about accomplish more and follow our founding members on their journey, then sign up here for regular updates.

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