Another successful Accomplish More virtual Speakeasy.

We had a broad selection of sectors represented (great for diversity of opinions).

Accomplish More is for ambitious present and future leaders prepared to share and learn to help shape the future of technology leadership.

The purpose of the community continues to take shape having started by tackling culture in a Digital age, and then the acceleration of Digital Transformation stimulated by Covid-19 in previous Speakeasies.

Under the banner of the “new dynamic” we captured thoughts and ideas on how everyone has been innovative and what we are planning on doing next.

Ian Sheen, Accomplish More board member and Head of Strategy and Transformation for Telstra Purple facilitated tonight’s discussion.

Speakers included:

  • John Presland, CIO at Horwich Farrelly
  •  Hing Tsang, IT Director Cynergy Bank
  • Paul Eastman, Head of Customer & Digital Technology at A.S. Watson Group

Blog to be published on Thursday 24th September.


Speakeasy Night

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