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What is a clinic?

Through ongoing initiatives such as ClubCISO, Data Journeys, Accomplish More, and New-in-Role, we’ve built communities of leaders in technology and transformation, data and security, who share a passion to excel and a thirst for knowledge.

Our communities enable technology leaders to be part of a creative and collaborative environment to fast track the development of their business and people.

But why stop there? Book a free, confidential and no-obligation 45-minute clinic session with us, where you can speak to tech experts from Telstra Purple on how best to address pain points in your strategy or meet your professional objectives.

How you benefit:

  • Get to chat one-on-one with our team of accomplished experts on any area of technology, in a safe environment comprising other members of your elite peers.
  • Get insights from specialists who have at least 20 years of experience individually in executing large-scale business transformations and developments in architecture, data analytics, security, cloud and modern workplace.
  • Our clinicians have delivered successful outcomes in many industries, ranging from tier-1 banks to Fortune 100 global technology corporations.

What  our members say…

Ciara Jevon, Head of Data Strategy at HMCTS

‘Having a clinic session with Ed Bullen was a great opportunity to work through some of my thinking and challenges with an expert who came from outside my organisation. He was a great sounding board and was able to provide useful advice and insight from his own experience and from a different perspective.’

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