The IT Crowd 2.0

Author: Sarah Green

When Bill Trim (Accomplish  More) asked me to join the Advisory Board for Accomplish More, I was flattered.  Actually I was confused.  Why me?  I’m not an IT boffin, I can just about work my iPhone settings (don’t judge) and the prospect of being surrounded by a bunch of techies, well let’s say it didn’t feature on my bucket list.

Vanity prevailed and so I met Bill and the other prospective board members.  I liked them.  I liked the diversity of backgrounds and experience.  I liked the fact we all shared a desire to help others accomplish more and that we could learn from each other in the process.

Fast forward to June 24th, the inaugural launch of Accomplish More.  A ‘Speakeasy’ event at an underground location in the depths of the city.  Bill’s team at Telstra Purple had pulled it out of the bag.  A brand name, a brand identity, an event, a members-only website, but more importantly a great group of individuals to kick-start the community.

Brendan Hall, who captained the winner of the 2009 Round the World Yacht Race, gave us a very different perspective on leadership – that eventually took his team to victory.  A story that had the audience gripped and inspired in equal measure.  The tone and sentiment of his story provided the catalyst for the audience to relax and start to think about some of their own leadership challenges.

A natural segue into the sharing part of the session.  From exploration of personal goals, objectives and short-comings which were openly discussed; as was the impact of external & organisational factors (we all agreed to avoid giving oxygen to the B word) often beyond an individual’s control.

So where does that leave us?  With a burgeoning community of CIOs/CTOs and future IT Leaders who want to get to better faster.  A common desire to help each other in our own capacity – and here is where my coaching and mentoring experience can be leaned on.  I forgot to say, that’s what I bring to the community.  I promise not to tell anyone to try switching themselves off and then on again.  That’s what a holiday is for.  Happy Summer.

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