Accomplish More — Ambitious present and future leaders who are prepared to share and learn in order to shape the future of technology leadership.   

We connect people from all sectors who are in a period of transition, whatever that means for them. We call ourselves a Speakeasy Community because we provide safe environments for our hand-picked membership to share their stories candidly and for the benefit of everyone.

Meet our Chairman

Bill Trim

"The older I get, the more I realise how much I don't know. But I also have a newfound appreciation for learning new things: reading non-fiction books, meeting people who have had different experiences to me, using social media and the power of community to connect more meaningfully.

So rather than resting on my laurels, I decided to create a forum for ambitious leaders in my industry who share my desire for self-improvement to Accomplish More. My ambition is for this to be a respected community that attracts curious people who enjoy sharing their experiences and solving problems."

Bill Trim

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